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High definition DVD: ignorance is no excuse

Kevin C. Tofel

There are plenty of reasons why high-def DVDs aren't likely to hit the mainstream all that soon. We could go on and on about the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray war. HDCP, or High-bandwidth Digital Copyright Protection, surely adds to the situation also. Complex cabling requirements and lack of consumer awareness contribute too. One the least known, but most influential reasons is just too funny to keep to myself, even if it's old news.

Last summer, at the Home Entertainment Summit for retailers and distributors, a number of attendees and (worse yet) speakers indicated that they thought DVD videos already were high-definition resolution. Aren't these the folks making the decisions for the industry? I hope the last year presented them with some additional educational opportunities. If not, tell them to subscribe to our RSS feed; we'll teach 'em!


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