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D-Link's DI-725 Wireless 3G Mobile Router

Peter Rojas
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We were wondering how long it was going to take for the networking big boys to stomp all over Junxion's turf, and now it looks like D-Link is stepping up with a 3G WiFi router of its own. Like the Junxion box, D-Link's DI-725 Wireless 3G Mobile Router lets you create a WiFi hotspot anywhere you can find coverage; you just pump in 3G courtesy of a high-speed wireless laptop card (they list it as working with EV-DO, UMTS, Flash-OFDM, and HSDPA cards) and the router will pump out 802.11g (there are also four Ethernet ports, if that's more your style). D-Link figures says that the router will most likely be sold by wireless carriers that offer 3G; guess we already know that one of those won't be Verizon.

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