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Changing PowerBooks Before the Intel


I say we change our calendar so that year 0 lands on the Great PPC to Intel Changeover!

In any case, in the continuing days of the year 1 B.I. (Before Intel), I'm continuing to wonder how many of you will upgrade to a PPC-based Mac. I'm a habitual new computer owner. Usually every 6 months to a year, I get rid of my computer, selling personal ones on eBay or reallocating work ones to other people, and upgrade to a new one. I've had my current little 12-inch Powerbook for a little over a year now, and I've just decided to do away with my ultra-small lifestyle. I'm getting a 15-inch Powerbook fully tricked out. It's on its way, and I, in preparation, have begun the GDM (Great Data Migration), cleaning out the old data, storing what needs to be stored in a box in the corner of the room, and loading all the rest on DVDs and external HDs to help ferry them across the analog river to their new home in my new 15-inch PowerBook.

In any case, while musing about this transition this morning, I was suddenly struck with a thought: "Ye gods!" I exclaimed. I thought, "I've done exactly what I said no one would do. I've bought a new Power-PC based Apple machine before the Great PPC to Intel Changeover!" Anyone else out there experience this epiphany? Are you planning on holding out on your desire to get a new computer until after Intel?


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