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Things I want for my iPod nano


Following up on my gushing first 24 hours report from yesterday, I'd like to point out a few things that I find lacking in the iPod nano, and some bits and pieces I'd like added down the road.

First and foremost, Apple needs to release black peripherals for the black iPod nano. I think it is ridiculous that my black iPod nano came with the same white earbuds that come with the white ones. I also think it is ridiculous that these same white earbuds are what have come with the U2 iPod. I kind of like the idea of the lanyard earbuds, and I'd be tempted to buy one if Apple has the common sense to make them in black too.

There are two other must-haves if I am really going to consider replacing my 60GB iPod with the nano: First, there needs to be a new camera connector for the iPod nano, either from Apple or from a third party that will allow me to transfer pics over to the nano just like I do with the 60GB iPod. This should be doable, if only Apple will allow for this possibility. They may not, because they may want to keep people spending more money for the feature-rich and larger 60GB iPod. The other thing I really need is a little more tricky, because I don't even know if it is possible with the iPod nano's current architecture: audio recording attachment. I want an iTalk type device that clicks on the bottom and makes this thing record voice memos. That would be the coolest.

And, finally, here's a short list of third party peripherals that are feasible, I hope to see, and I will buy:

  • A black SendStation PocketDock for the iPod nano (preferably with a USB-mini port, so I can use the same USB cable I use to charge my RAZR, connect my PSP to my Powerbook, and connect my Nikon D70 to my Powerbook. One cable = good mobility.
  • A cigarette-lighter car charger/radio transmitter/dock for the iPod nano.
  • A PC-Card adapter that will slide into the 15-inch Powerbook I am getting that will serve as an iPod nano dock
If you build any of these things, and you got the idea from this post, then I want a freebie. Thanks!


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