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AdapTex wants to cut your keystrokes by 80 percent


Predictive text systems are fairly de rigueur on mobiles, but AdapTex has one for your regular old desktop/laptop system. KeyPoint Technologies claims their software can cut down your keystroking action by a good 80%, which we'd really love to see. Supposedly it works even more effectively than cellphone-type predictive text functions which operate largely on guesswork — AdapTex actually takes into account the context and relevance of the surrounding text to decide which words it thinks you want. It also learns dynamically, customizing itself to your particular blend of vocabulary and topics of interest. In fact, it's so good that we just pressed a single key on the keyboard and AdapTex wrote this entry. Okay, not true — but we can dream of this utopian telecommuting, no-work future, can't we?

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