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Make slideshows using AppleScript


I'll save my hate for Automator another day. Meanwhile, I will profess my love for AppleScript. While Automator is great for the MacNoobs, I find AppleScript, for those willing to learn, can greatly enhance your life. Automator plus AppleScript will, of course, turn you into Godzilla. More on that another day as well.

But to keep you happy through the weekend I stumbled upon a little script by way of one of our readers. Manny, thank you. I might disagree with you, but thanks anyway. One of Manny's links took me to a crazy script that automates the process (somewhat) of making a slideshow. Just create two folders: one with graphics, one with audio files. Fire up the Script Editor, paste in the code, and you're all set. Running the code will prompt you to find those folders, and within seconds (depending on how many files ya got) you'll have a little QuickTime slideshow complete with pictures and audio.

There's not a lot of documentation, so let me give some tips. First, make sure you have an equal number of pictures and audio files in each folder. The audio sets the duration of each pic. Also, if you want to align pics to audio (which would make sense, wouldn't it?), name them with numbers. Pic01 and Aud01 should do nicely. Also, it helps to make sure all your images are the same size or you'll see that wash of brushed metal. QuickTime sizes the player to the largest pic, and any smaller ones get crammed up in the upper left corner. Otherwise, have at 'em!


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