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Widescreen Gizmondo specs and pics

Peter Rojas

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Widescreen Gizmondo

Not sure why they thought it'd be brilliant to officially announce a new version of the Gizmondo before the first one has even gone on sale here in the States, but Tiger Telematics have released some concept images and more details of that new widescreen version of their Gizmondo portable game console they "accidentally" revealed the other day. The specs feel a bit fanciful (we've seen these guys overpromise and underdeliver before), but according to their press release this new version will be a bit more PSP-like and have a 4-inch widescreen, 480 x 272 pixel LCD (which Tiger Telematics helpfully describes as being "razor-sharp"), built-in 802.11b/g WiFi, at least a 500MHz processor, GSM/GPRS, GPS, an SD card slot, an analog TV-out port, Bluetooth, USB On-The-Go, and a built-in two megapixel digital camera. Should be out in Q2 of 2006.

Widescreen Gizmondo

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