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Sony's new SACD/DVD Audio and HDMI receivers

Evan Blass

sony sacd/dvd audio

While most audiophiles are only content owning gear by boutique manufacturers that no one has ever heard of, Sony is nevertheless making a play for high-end ears and their wallets with a new stereo component that can handle any shiny disc you shove in its mouth. With support for SACD, DVD Audio, and DVD Video (as well as that ancient relic, the CD), the new DVP-NS9100ES finally gives the millions of people (well, maybe not millions, but there are at least five that we know of) still sitting on the next-gen audio format fence yet another reason to take the plunge into surround sound music. The NS9100 will ship as a combo package with Sony's new HDMI-compatible flagship receiver, the TA-DA9100ES, for the audiophile-friendly price of around eight-and-a-half large. Both units will be strutting their stuff in time for the holiday season.

sony hdmi receiver

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