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Nintendo Revolution specs leaked online (by Han Solo?)

Dan Choi

Han SoloA Factor 5 employee (who goes by the alias "Han Solo") has purportedly leaked the specs to the Nintendo Revolution.

Whether we can trust an online forum poster for the Revolution lowdown, however, is another question. Apparently, Solo delivered the goods on the 360's specs in the past, so he may actually know what he's talking about. Follow the link here to see the points we're talkin' about, of which a few highlights are listed below:

  • 1 dual-threaded IBM Custom PowerPC 2.5 GHz core with 256KB of L1 cache, 1MB of L2 cache, and maybe a rumored L3 cache as well.

  • 256MB of 1T-SRAM for an ATI Custom-based RN520 600 MHz GPU that will support up to 2048x1268 resolution, though HD support is still being decided.

  • 512MB of 700 MHz 1T-SRAM for the Revolution?s main memory.

  • And an extra 32MB just for a Physical Processing Unit (PPU) chip to help the CPU and GPU with the processing load.

Does this mean 1 dual-threaded processor can?t compare to the 360?s 3 faster dual-threaded cores (or the Cell?s 7 SPUs)? Nintendo stated in the past that it wasn?t aiming to win the processing-power arms race?and specs leaked in the past were more than a little suspect?but we?re hoping that ease of development for a single core, as well as the capabilities of the other respectable components mentioned, will help calm the fanboy flames just a bit.

[Thanks, Blake]

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