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Mario Kart GP coming to US arcades in October

Ross Miller

Mario Kart Arcade GP (425)

Nintendo and Namco's labor of love, Mario Kart Arcade GP, will be released in arcades this October. However, whether or not it will be any arcade near you is unsure. According to the press release, "due to limited production, this soon to be chart-topping game is available in limited quantities." How the game is going to top the charts in limited supplies is unknown.

However, for those fortunate enough to be near an arcade that will have the machine will have the chance to check out this 2- to 4-player kart racer with improved visuals, Namco and Nintendo characters, 24 tracks, 57 different items (wow), and a NamCam which takes a picture of you and floats it above your racer's head, so that your friends know exactly who passed you by.

Anyone looking forward to this? Anyone wondering when/if this will make it to the GameCube or Revolution?

[via Press the Buttons]

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