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SunBriteTV: All-weather LCD that you clean with a hose

Marc Perton


We always thought the whole idea of spending time outdoors was to commune with nature, to get away from it all. But we suppose if you must bring your television outside with you, it makes sense to get one that's designed for outdoor use. That's where the SunBriteTV comes in. SunBrite's Model 2010A-Pro is a 20-inch LCD display (with a 32-inch HD version coming out this fall) delivering 1,000 nits of brightness, wrapped in an all-weather enclosure that the company claims is impervious to the elements. Our favorite part of this, however, is how you keep it clean. That's right; like all your other outdoor gear, you just hose it down. We can imagine this becoming the next outdoor party ritual — imagine watching a game and taking the hose to the opposing team every time they come on the field, or hosing down some smarmy character (Shatner on Boston Legal?) every time they show up on screen.

[Via Techie Diva]

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