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Samsung's SGH-D307 QWERTY dual-hinge going to Cingular

Ryan Block, @ryan

Samsung Cingular SGH-D307

We're kind of over our period of mourning for the Motorola MPx by now, but if you're still wishing and hoping for some of that flip n' fold goodness and aren't too attached to the idea of getting a Windows Mobile smartphone, it might interest you to know we spotted Samsung's SGH-D307 with Cingular branding the other night here at CTIA. Just to jog your memory, it's a quad-band number with EDGE and Bluetooth (unlike its tri-band GPRS big brother, the D550). While not the thinnest or the lightest, it's still sure to turn a few heads for the upper-lower-mid-range qwerty communicator device, especially since its competition Stateside right now is probably going to be the LG9200.

Samsung Cingular SGH-D307

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