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HD hockey on OLN-HD tomorrow, but where?

Kevin C. Tofel

Ok, so we all know that OLN-HD kicks off tomorrow night with the NHL season. The real question is: who gets to see it and who doesn't? I haven't heard either of the two major satellite companies, DirecTV or Dish, make any announcements about carrying the new HD channel.

How about cable? I know that Comcast has some ownership interest in OLN, so does this mean Comcast cable is the only venue for the NHL in HD on a regular basis? Sounds like a cross-check to me, especially since the first NHL game features the Comcast-Specator owned Philadelphia Flyers. Chime in if your television provider will be carrying OLN-HD starting tomorrow. I'm sure the ice will melt long before Comcast allows rebroadcast rights on other provider's networks.


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