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Limited edition 71-inch gold plated HDTV

Kevin C. Tofel

We think HDTVs aren't expensive enough, which is why we just submitted an expense report for the "LG Royal" Gold 71-inch HDTV set that Luxist found. This 1080p PDP  becomes available to the masses in Dubai this week and we're certain that the common-folk are lining up in advance to get one of the 1,000 limited edition sets. We're not sure that Dubai even offers any HDTV stations, but if you can afford a gold-plated 71-inch 1080p set, you can probably buy an HDTV broadcasting company too.

Funny; we haven't heard back on that expense report just yet. I wonder if it got lost in the mail? Shoot, I can't remember if I submitted a separate report for the remote control!


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