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Douglas J Presidential: audio, video and diamonds for $44,000

Marc Perton
douglas j player

Forget the Swarovski crystal iPod nano (which sold on eBay for a mere $425). For some serious MP3 ice, you'll want the Douglas J Presidential HG player, playa. The 1GB player can handle audio, video and pics, but what really matters is, if real, that the HG would be encrusted with diamonds and sells for a mere £25,000 (over $44,000). Oh, and if you want more info on the specs before buying, it'll cost you £50 — seriously! That's luxury. And just in case you need someplace to show this thing off, the purchase price includes priority entry to the Soho Club in London — and a 50% discount on the entry fee — which makes it a veritable bargain.

[Via Luxist]

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