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Best Buy: Mighty Mouse with bluetooth


Dan sent in this tantalizing screenshot he found at the iOnMac forums. It appears to be a Best Buy sales flyer advertising a "Mighty Mouse with Bluetooth Technology." That mouse's tail is what's kept me from buying one so far, and if this is legit, I may have to drive to my Apple retailer this weekend.

I must note that I was not able to find the same image when browsing the flyer at The site requested my postal zip code before displaying the flyer, so perhaps the mice just haven't made it to the Best Buy in my neck of the woods. Or, it's a fake or typo.

Can anyone replicate the ad? Let us know.

Thanks, Dan!

Update: Reader Conor has found the ad. To view it yourself, follow his instructions. Well done, Conor!

  • Go to
  • Click weekly ad at the bottom under store services
  • Enter M4B 1V7 as your postal code
  • Go to page 18 and there it is


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