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New DVD label from Mark Cuban?

Kevin C. Tofel

Interesting timing of this unconfirmed speculation: Wired is reporting that some job openings in Mark Cuban's organization might indicate the launch of a new DVD label. It certainly makes sense to me, and probably to you too if you read our interview with Mark this past weekend.

Let's think about this: we've known for months that Cuban is working with Stephen Soderburgh on some films that will be released simultaneously in the theater, on DVD and on an HDNet channel.

Some folks haven't taken too kindly to that, but it provides a liberating choice for the consumer, and choice is good. The problem is that a major DVD publishing label is unlikely to go along with the plan. Why? They run the risk of causing issues with the the other movie producers whose DVDs they are licensed to distribute. Instead of finding a DVD label that's willing to take this risk, you have to wonder if it makes more sense to just launch your own.

If so, I say good move. I'd rather be the leader and be wrong than be the follower and be right. Now, how will this play into the high-def DVD scene? I'll let you guys chew on that one for a while...just don't forget that Mark owns HDNet, an ALL HD-programming network. Hmm......getting interesting, no?

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