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The End of the Week of EVDO


I just dropped the EVDO card from EVDOinfo into the local FedEx box. Bye-bye high-speed internet everywhere! I will miss you.

Here are my previous posts from the week of testing EVDO: one, two, three, four, and five. So what is my end verdict? I think EVDO is great. Its achilles heel is the upload speeds combined with the price. $80 a month with all the WiFi spots spread around doesn't make sense. If it was in the $30 to $40 a month range, I'd buy into it immediately, even with the upload speed problems, but it's not. So for now, I'm going to wait until the next great wireless everywhere solution comes out with higher upload speeds and a lower price. If my situation were different however, and I were traveling all the time, I think EVDO would be a must have.


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