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Sony's PCM-D1 $2000 digital field recorder

Evan Blass
sony pcm-d1 digital field recorder

We've recently been blacklisted from legal bootleg service Furthur Net due to the low-quality Phish concert recordings we've been uploading, so we were delighted to see that Sony has released a new $2000 portable digital recorder that may earn us a spot back in the fold. The PCM-D1 is a retro-looking field recorder that can capture audio at 96 KHz/24-bit quality on either the 4GB of built-in memory or any size MemoryStick Pro card. Since one microphone is totally amateur-hour, the Sony model sports two angled, high-sensitivity condenser mics along with a five-line LCD for displaying recording and playback info, and two analog level meters. Unfortunately for our Furthur Net status, the PCM-D1 won't be available until December, so we're forced to feature our second-rate recordings on for the time being.

[Via Music Thing]

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