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102-inch Samsung plasma pic

Matt Burns

Ok. I knew that a 102-inch plasma is a big TV. I knew that anything 102-inches is big but you have to see this photo to really put the size in perspective. This TV is huge. I really don't think that there is a market for a TV this large. Buy a projector and save yourself the $350,000. (I made up that number but the 80-inch costs $125,000 so I know I am not that much off base)

Plus, with plasma, a lot of people want to hang it on the wall. I don't think that Omni-Mount makes a mount that large. Do you think that there is a VESA standard for that large of a TV? There are so many questions floating in my head now about the size of this set, but I can do is stare at it. I want one...


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