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Electrosmog Detector hunts down EMF in style

Marc Perton

electrosmog detectorIf you're the kind of frantic technophobe who avoids EMF signals like the radioactive plague, we're not quite sure what you're doing here, since we positively glow from all the signals we've absorbed. But since you are here, you may as well check out the latest toy to feed your paranoia, the Electrosmog Detector. The handheld device can detect anything from microwave ovens to Bluetooth devices to baby monitors. And if you're so worried about electronic contamination that you actually need one of these, you're probably already rockin' it Kaczynski-style in the woods somewhere, and found this post via a printout that you plucked out of a nearby stream after deciding to make your next meal out of the beaver who was using it as part of a dam.

[Via TRFJ]

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