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High definition DVD war over? HP formally asks Blu-ray group to add Managed Copy, iHD to spec


Is this the move that could bring Microsoft and Intel in from the cold and end the format war before it starts?

Maybe, more updates as available.

HP Drives Format Compatibility for High-definition DVDs; Issues formal request to Blu-ray Disc Association to add two technologies to its format

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 19, 2005--HP (NYSE:HPQ)(Nasdaq:HPQ) today announced a significant step toward bridging the differences between the two competing high- definition (HD) optical disk formats by supporting two new technologies to be part of the next-generation standard.

The company has formally appealed to the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) to include the technologies -- mandatory Managed Copy and iHD -- as part of its format specification. Both technologies are currently supported in the competing HD-DVD format.

The move reflects HP's desire to ensure that customers are not forced to choose between competing HD formats for DVDs.

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 -- Managed Copy: Unlike with today's conventional DVDs, this feature allows consumers to make legitimate copies of their HD movies and enjoy this content around the home or across their networks. Making this feature mandatory will ensure a consistent consumer experience across all next-generation DVD content.

-- iHD: Next-generation HD movies will provide a level of interactive experience well beyond that of today's conventional DVDs. iHD technology provides a broad foundation to enable new interactivity with standards-based development tools and technologies. It will provide consumers with enhanced content, navigation and functionality for HD films. Furthermore, Microsoft plans to implement iHD support in its Windows(R) Vista operating system, which will help ease implementation and provide a cost-effective solution for consumers.

"HP is committed to delivering rewarding consumer experiences, and we see format compatibility as critical to making technology accessible and easy to use for consumers," said John Romano, senior vice president, Consumer PC Global Business Unit, HP. "As a leader in the development and promotion of the Blu-ray Disc format, HP expects these moves to help ensure that the format provides the best possible experience for customers."

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