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HP threatening to back out of Blu-ray camp if there's no compromise?


Surprise surprise, the 300lb gorillas Intel and Microsoft are in fact holding (mad) weight. As we reported previously, HP is pushing the Blu-ray camp to include the requirements and technologies Intel and Microsoft have publicly claimed they would require to support it, and now have gone an additional step, suggesting they could leave the BDA if it came down to it.

"We're still supporting Blu-ray but we're very serious that we want these technologies. If in the end, they're supported in one and then not the other, we'll have to make a choice," - Maureen Weber of HP

Microsoft is also quoted saying they applaud HP's move, apparently now leaving the ball in the BDA's court.

I certainly hope a compromise is reached, because the sooner I know which one is here to stay, the sooner I can make my purchase and enjoy my high definition DVD's on my HDTV and isn't that what's really important here?


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