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Burton closer to releasing Moto-powered Audex Cargo Jacket

Evan Blass
burton audex cargo jacket

"Congratulations, agent, on getting out of that foreign prison after they easily spotted you doing reconnaissance in your Ronin-branded Burton espionage jacket. After what you went through in that sweat box, you deserve to vacation somewhere nice and cold, so we're stuffing you into Burton's new Bluetooth'd Audex Cargo Jacket and jetting you straight to Tahoe." We first spotted a prototype of the Moto-powered Audex back in January at CES, a fancy piece of wearable tech that lets you toss out your old Burton HiFi helmet and beanie (though you'll still need your Liquid Lounger), and get your slopes tunes from the embedded speakers in the hood. While this concept is certainly nothing new (peep the Amp or the Kenpo), Burton throws in Bluetooth support and a mic for your cellphone, a combo we've rarely seen (peep the mp3blue take). The nerve center of this wired gear sits on the wearer's left sleeve: a semi-stylish plastic oval with a scrollwheel and one-line display that allows you to switch between rockin' and chattin'. The Audex is expected to cost you about $600 (so hopefully you haven't already dropped three grand on a Spyder) and should ship at the end of November.

[Via TUAW]

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