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DVX-700 M20 includes WiFi, DVD, HDD, WMV HD support

Marc Perton

transgear dvx-700 m20

The DVX-700 M20 from Japan's TransTechnology aims to play all of your media no matter where it's stored. Sure, it's not the first product to attempt that lofty and noble goal, but it looks like it's made real inroads in trying to achieve it. The unit includes WiFi to pick up signals from your PC, has a built-in DVD player to play movies, and has a slot for a 3.5-inch hard drive, so you can copy files from your PC and play them directly (the drive bay is modular and a modular slot is available for PCs, making swapping drives a plug-and-play affair). Format support includes DivX, XviD, WMV9 HD and most of the main audio formats. Available now for ¥32,800 ($283), or ¥29,800 ($257) without WiFi.

[Via Akihabara News]

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