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Sony's PSP Media Manager available for $20


PSP Media Manager

So is Sony finally going to lend you a hand managing all that media you've been trying to squeeze into your PSP? Sure, if you're ready to fork over 20 bucks for the privilege. Their new PSP Media Manager covers and expands on the capabilities you can get with 3rd party offerings such as iPSP and PSP Video 9, but we're surprised they're bringing this so late, and still expecting your cash for it. There's a two pane interface for viewing your respective PSP and PC files, and you can manage files on both systems, along with the required conversions, right in the app. Not much of the rumored Sony Connect support is mentioned, but you do get 5 free downloads with purchase of the $25 packaged version, which also includes a USB cable for data transfers. The Media Manager supports MPEG, MOV, and WMV files for video conversion, most music and image types, RSS feeds including news, podcasts and video downloads, along with management and backup of game saves. So pony up and get your on with PSP Media Manager self.

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