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Teens get busted attempting to ransom stolen iPod

Evan Blass
bad dudes

We can partly forgive these thieves' stupidity due to their youth, but how dumb do you have to be to steal someone's iPod and then try to extort a ransom for its return? Well that's exactly how two 16-year-old braniacs from West Philly got busted yesterday, after they arranged a meeting with the woman whose apartment they had just robbed. Cops sent an undercover officer posing as the victim to meet with the young crooks, and were easily able to apprehend them even after these masterminds twice changed the rendezvous point by several blocks. No word on what kind of 'Pod was kidnapped here (since the ransom was $100, it would top it all off if it ended up being a Shuffle), but it was returned to its owner unharmed, and the robbers are being charged with theft, conspiracy, and receiving stolen property. Also, we have to wipe the egg off our face here, as this unfortunate situation could have been avoided altogether had the victim employed the for-home-as-well-as-on-the-go PodLocker from Think Products, which we may have prematurely harshed on the other day.

[Via iLounge]

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