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Downloadable NBC Universal content to be available on DirecTV Plus DVR

Evan Blass
jim cramer

DirecTV has just announced a partnership with NBC Universal to offer downloadable content from NBC, Bravo, USA, SciFi and hopefully CNBC (booya, Jim) onto the upcoming DirecTV Plus DVR for 99 cents an episode. It's interesting that DirecTV picked NBC, and not fellow News Corp. subsidy FOX (Simpsons at a-buck-a-pop? T'would be farewell to Comcast), to roll out this new service, although ailing NBC's desperate search for viewers makes this move a no-brainer for Zucker and friends. DirecTV will post new episodes within hours after they air, and make them available until they are replaced the next week. This is a decent start, but until they can sign up some of the "good" networks for this service, we'll stick to recording The 4400 on our PC and clipping out the commercials ourselves.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]

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