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Japan's JVC invades China

Kevin C. Tofel

Not many details here so far, but JVC is setting it's HDTV sights on the Chinese television market. China is the number two market for rear-projection televisions after the United States, so this is a smart strategic move for the Japanese based electronics manufacturer. JVC hasn't announced any sales targets or goals just yet, but when you're looking at a market with over a billion people, you can bet that their plans are lofty.

We'll be watching JVC's quarterly financial announcements for the impact on this new market. While we're waiting, what do you think? We don't often talk about China as a market for the traditional HDTV manufacturers. Is this move overdue? Is there room enough for others to start pitching their sets in China? I think that this move will just make me drool even more for awesome sets that I can't get here in the U.S.!


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