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Metareview - Star Wars: Battlefront II (Xbox)


Do the additions of playable Jedi and space combat make Star Wars: Battlefront II a worthy sequel? Tough question. If you're a Star Wars fan and enjoyed the predecessor, then yes. If you weren't sold on the first Battlefront, then (probably) no. Still, Battlefront II could give your Live account a much needed workout-at least it should carry you through the next two weeks...

Review highlights:

  • Computer and Video Games (90/100) - "A walloping, beautiful example of what Xbox Live can do."

  • Gaming Age (83/100) - "[A] good sequel, but it's got too much in common with the first game to make the upgrade a no-brainer."

  • IGN (70/100) - "[The] faults and quirks of Battlefront II stand out and become glaring because the new adds feel unpolished while the old gripes manage to rear their heads for a second time."

[via Metacritic; also available for PC, PS2, & PSP]

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