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Hands-on with the Samsung SGH-ZX10

Peter Rojas
Samsung SGH-ZX10

Nah, this one isn't quite as slick as that SPH-A900 we spotted at Samsung's media event last night, but we did also have a chance to lay our hands on the SGH-ZX10 and confirm what we sorta already figured out the other day: that sooner or later this badboy will be bringing the HSDPA love to Cingular. Samsung wasn't exactly forthcoming regarding specs, but they did list it as having a built-in digital camera (which is pretty much a given these days on phones like this whether you like it or not) and MP3 player software. Otherwise we weren't too blown away, although the screen on the SGH-ZX10 was definitely nice and bright.

UPDATE: Ok, looks like the ZX10 might have UMTS and not HSDPA.

Samsung SGH-ZX10

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