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HDTV Game of the Week: Kameo



An HDTV Game of the Week for a system thats not even out yet? Find out how.

Well, not exactly. You can buy it right now at your local Gamestop, good luck finding an Xbox 360 to put it in, but if you do then you'll be playing in true 720p goodness. I'm not really an adventure game guy but this one has my attention, if just for the amazing graphics I saw when I checked out the demo. The gameplay looked fun, with several different characters you can morph into, and an online co-op feature that will be available sometime after launch.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any 480p games I really liked coming out for PS2 and Xbox this week with the biggest release, Neversoft's Gun, apparently not supporting higher resolutions. Maybe Halo 2 counts since for its birthday, it's gotten a pretty new 720p coat of paint.

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