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CompAmerica Orca 9098: the latest "most powerful laptop on Earth"

Marc Perton

orca 9098Is CompAmerica's Orca 9098 the "most powerful laptop on Earth," as the company claims? While it does have some impressive specs, including a P4 at up to 3.8 MHz, dual hard drives, a choice of three different high-end graphics adapters, and a 17-inch display, we have to note that we've seen similar specs from other boutique manufacturers. And for some extreme gamers — a clear target market for this box — that P4 may be a deal-breaker, given the popularity of AMD processors among that group. Still, at a starting price of about $2,149, this is priced competitively — though we doubt you can get it in 10 designer colors.

Update: This isn't Engadget 1985, so that should be 3.8 GHz, not MHz.

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