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Free IPTV on an AOL channel near you

Kevin C. Tofel

Doesn't look it will be high-def and it certainly won't be current shows, but the concept is fresh. AOL is planning to launch "In2TV" after the new year begins and will feed consumers free television content via web. The approach makes sense since AOL is a Time Warner company and has access to the Warner Brothers television shows sitting on a shelf somewhere.

The plan is to dust off the so-called "vintage" shows and offer them for download with a few 15-second advertisements inserted. Watch for the pre-web classics like "Welcome Back Kotter," "Growing Pains" and "Kung Fu", all of which are coming to a small screen near you.

The initial rollout isn't really getting me that excited; there's plenty of good television on now. When you think about applying this concept to the future, however, there's plenty of value there; could we see a new IPTV "company" being born? Will we see television shows delivered by the AOL guy above?


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