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Intel iBooks at MWSF in January 2006?

Damien Barrett

Mac rumor site ThinkSecret is reporting that sources close to Apple have told them to expect Apple to announce  iBooks with Intel processors at the MacWorld Expo conference in January of 2006. The iBooks would be the first of Apple's product line to sport Intel chips since their announcement in June 2005 that the company would be moving their product lines to Intel processors.

This actually makes a bit of sense. Apple wants people to switch in big numbers and introducing an inexpensive iBook may help those people sitting on the fence decide to move to Apple. If Apple can price them aggressively enough, Intel iBooks could compete quite well with the low-end PC notebooks on the market. And since professional users tend to use Powerbooks and G5 towers, by moving the consumer line to Intel first, it gives the larger software manufacturers like Adobe and Macromedia time to finish rewriting their applications to run natively on the Intel processors (instead of emulated in Rosetta).


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