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SNL pokes fun at Jobs and the iPod

David Chartier

I checked out of SNL a long time ago, but last night is the first time that I've heard they've made a significant pun on Steve Jobs or Apple, at least in a long time. Apparently a mock-Jobs showed up on SNL's Weekend Update sketch and, taking quite a bit of a hint from the iPod flea, introduced a few new iPods for the holiday season. Whether you're still an SNL fan or you've stopped tuning in, the sketch is at least good for a chuckle.

Opinions on the show aside though, I think this is kind of cool in its own little way. Steve's personality and dramatic flair are typically known only to those who really follow the company and watch his keynotes - yet the mock-Jobs on Weekend Update was in character. I guess the iPod isn't the only thing that's been making its way into households. Maybe next weekend they'll feature Ive obsessing over the design of his travel coffee mug.

[via MacSlash]


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