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Dead or Alive 4 delay weakens Japanese 360 launch

Jennie Lees

DoA 4 guys girlsThings are looking pretty sorry over in Japan. Despite a shiny Xbox 360 lounge and exciting commercials, Japanese gamers just aren't too enthused about the 360. We've already seen the sparse number of backwards compatible games and complete lack of RPG titles at launch; now a further nail has been added to what is already a rather impressive coffin.

The latest news is that Dead or Alive 4 has been delayed until December 17, slipping to a week after the console's launch date of the 10th. As well as entirely contradicting previous announcements, this leaves the launch line-up looking decimated compared to the titles available elsewhere. Microsoft are hoping to make a big splash in Japan with the 360, but they may be sorely disappointed.

[Thanks, James Orry]

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