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Metareview - Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Blake Snow

It's a very good time to be a DS owner these days. Nintendo has been releasing stellar first-party hits left and right with Animal Crossing: Wild World being no different. Here's some early scores and commentary:

  • 1UP 9.0 - "Despite a near-total lack of things to do here in sleepy forest, despite a lack of concrete goals in anyone's life, my time here with the animals has been wholly enjoyable."

  • IGN 88 - "The online component was something that the original GameCube design screamed for, and Nintendo delivered for the Nintendo DS version. Mostly. It's still a bit on the limited side, with restrictions showing their faces every time you try to explore the design in the online environment."

  • Print media scores: GamePro 70%, EGM 78%, Game Informer 88%, Nintendo Power 95%.

At the time of writing, the title had a Game Rankings composit of 85% pending 4 more reviews. Can anyone stop this game-train that is the Nintendo DS?

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