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Paul Eibeler's new moniker: worst CEO

Ross Miller

Crying Paul Eibeler (225)Take-Two is having the worst year ever. After the Hot Coffee scandal tarnished the publisher's name, their magical money-making machine was slapped with an Adults Only rating, essentially suspending the company's income for a few months until they could clean up and re-release the title.

Maybe it comes at no surprise that Take-Two's CEO Paul Eibeler has been slapped with the dubious title of "Worst CEO" in an editorial on Citing the aforementioned problems, as well as a "series of setbacks on the rollouts of newer games - a perennial problem at Take-Two that appears to be getting worse," MarketWatch's editorial (free membership required) has a point; maybe Mr. Eibeler needs to pressure Rockstar into churning out more top-selling Grand Theft Auto sequels.

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