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Hands-on with Blaze's PSP TV adapter kit

Evan Blass
blaze tv adapter

We have absolutely no desire whatsover to play our PSP games on a regular TV—we take the second "P" in PSP very seriously. Nonetheless, there must be some sort of market out there for PSP-to-TV adapters, as we've seen no less than three separate models attempting to meet a need that we're having trouble identifying. Joining the PSP2TV and the PSP on TV is the Blaze TV adapter kit, which like the PSP on TV, doesn't force you to crack open your handheld and void the warranty. In their hands-on look at this model, Lik-sang claims that that the image captured from the PSP and displayed on screen is "alright," but certainly can't hold a candle to a direct-input video source. Also, props to Lik-sang for harshing on a product two paragraphs below that product's "Buy" link on their site, giving us hope that honest retailers still exist, and that capitalism isn't necessarily our civilization's one-way ticket to hell.

[Thanks, PSP News]

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