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Metareview - Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA)

Blake Snow

2D enthusiasts and RPG fans take heart. Square-Enix's revisit of Final Fantasy IV launched this week and early reviews show promising signs. Here's a quick round-up:

  • Gamespot 83% - "It's hard to tell why Square-Enix took so long to bring Final Fantasy IV to the Game Boy Advance, but all the time that's elapsed since the game was originally released has done little to tarnish its quality… the bottom line is that Final Fantasy IV Advance is a captivating, long-lasting game filled with exciting battles, great characters, and incredible music."

  • 1UP 85% - "As a matter of fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to call this the definitive version of the game…It's a faithful restoration, suffering only from a slightly reduced resolution, moderately rearranged music and annoying slowdown during combat — the biggest flaw in this port."

At the time of writing, Final Fantasy IV Advance had a composite score of 85%, so it's off to a good start. What other 16-bit remakes do you hope for on the Game Boy Advance?

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