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Big Electronic Games' Midway Arcade Cabinet reviewed, slammed

Evan Blass
midway arcade cabinet

It's always refreshing to see a reviewer totally trash a product, which makes RetroBlast's review of Big Electronic Games' "full-size" Midway Arcade Cabinet a most entertaining read. Since RB was unable to acquire a proper review unit from BEG, they were forced to perform a "stealth" review at Target, where the unit is on sale for $450. RB finds that both the construction of and materials on this machine to be beyond shoddy, with cheap particle board held together by visible screws, and busy graphics slapped haphazardly over the entirety of the cabinet. Also crappy are the joystick and buttons, with the former featuring an annoying seam around the equator of the hollow ball, and the latter possessing almost no tactile feedback whatsoever. Even worse than than the quality of the hardware seems to be the dim 14-inch CRT, which looks ridiculous considering the size of the cabinet, and which RB suggests would be better suited for an ATM machine. The only upside to this too-short disaster (hunched-over Joust, anyone?) seems to be its expandability, although why you would want to play your console games on this piece of junk is beyond both us and the folks over at RetroBlast.

[Via Joystiq]

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