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Toshiba TDP-FF1A portable LED projector

Marc Perton

toshiba tdp-ff1a

Looks like Toshiba's serious about the 20-ounce pocket projector we peeped a couple of months ago. The specs are now out on what is officially known as the TDP-FF1A, and it looks like this one could be, er, handy. To keep power consumption down, the projector uses an LED, and Toshiba rates it at 18 watts — not exactly something that will light up a room, but a bulb that could make this adequate for presentations in small offices. Battery life is rated at about 2 hours on a charge; not surprisingly, the battery weighs about as much as the projector itself, so be prepared to double your weight calcs if you're planning on doing on-the-go presentations. The projector — expected to retail for about $800 — also has the ability to display JPEGs directly from a USB thumb drive, making it possible to give PC-free presentations (if you're willing to give up all of your fancy PowerPoint transitions, that is).

[Via Akihabara News]

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