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House sets DTV deadline with a SWOOSH

Kevin C. Tofel

Clearly there were larger forces than politics at play here. Originally, the digital transition plan to close down analog television was set for April 7, 2009. It's obvious that we have more college basketball fans in the House of Representatives than previously thought since the DTV "hard date" was moved up.

This is it folks: you've got until February 17, 2009 to either trash your analog sets or get an analog-to-digital converter! The historic date is timed rather nicely with "March Madness" and in a related story, we're hearing that some lawmakers want to have a giant NCAA pool for the $1.5 billion they've budgeted for converter boxes. Ok, maybe the pool is a stretch, but the fund is legit! We score the legislation a "10" on the slam-dunk-o-meter.

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