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A Seller's Market

Mike D'Anna

After playing on a number of different servers of varying types, it's becoming clear to me that, just as there are two very different factions in WoW, there are also two vastly different economies at work, aswell: the Horde economy & the Alliance economy. Any Horde player who has decided to roll an Alliance alt immidiately notices one thing upon his first trip to the auction house: things are far more expensive on the Alliance side.

A stack of re-agents that might sell for 20 silver in Orgrimmar might go for more than a gold in Ironforge; enchantments are far more expensive when bought from Alliance players, and although the NPC goods & services cost the same for the two factions, the inflation on the eastern continent makes for a very different playing experience on the side of the Alliance.

The question is: why the big price hikes?

So, what's the answer? I don't have a clue...what am I, an economist? I'm just a guy who's tired of shelling out my entire days' hard earned play-money to buy ingredients for my recipes from some Night Elf charging me out my Dwarven wazoo for something that my Orc could buy in Orgrimmar for 1/10 the price.If nothing else, maybe this can be a selling point for more players to migrate over to the Horde: "Join us! We're ugly AND cheap!"

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