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iPod with video delights and isolates

Scott McNulty

David Carr was skeptical of the viewing experience offered by the new iPod with video. He didn't think that he would enjoy watching anything on such a small screen, let alone a TV show. His 45 minute commute, however, has shown him the error of his ways. Each Lost episode takes up about 44 minutes of time, which almost covers his commute entirely. Instead of having to pretend not to listen to someone else's conversation Carr is whisked away to a strange island and ponders the meanings of wacky symbols.

Carr has bought into the iPod hook, line, and sinker but part of me thinks that cocooning ourselves into little private spaces defined by our iPods in very public spaces can't be a good thing. I can easily imagine a day when everyone on the train will be focused on a small screen with earbuds blocking out the noise and totally blocking out the environment around them. Or would that be a good thing?

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