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Columbus cable subscribers can now enjoy ABC and Fox in HD


Sinclair Business Group
, a Baltimore-area company that owns several mid-western broadcast stations, has recently reached agreements with Insight Communications and WideOpenWest to allow them to provide their stations in high definition on their cable service. In Columbus however, Time Warner has most of the market and as yet has not reached a deal for their high definition services.

The channels now broadcasting:

  • WICS/WICD (ABC 15/ABC 20) in Champaign/Springfield, IL
  • WDKY (FOX 56) in Lexington, KY
  • WYZZ (FOX 43) in Peoria, IL
  • WSYX (ABC 6) and WTTE (FOX 28) in Columbus, OH (WideOpenWest also)
  • WSTR (WB 64) in Cincinnati, OH
  • WKEF (ABC 22) and
  • WRGT (FOX 45) in Dayton, OH
  • WZTV (FOX 17) and
  • WUXP (UPN 30) in Nashville, TN and WMSN (FOX 47) in Madison, WI will also be available on a limited number of Insight cable systems in certain markets.
Sinclair indicates they will not reach deals without receiving "adequate consideration", so Time Warner subscribers, you may have those rabbit ears out for a while.

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