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Applescript for OmniGraffle to create graphical map of music taste

David Chartier

Another day, another slick new tool for graphically viewing artists in your iTunes library. OGMT (OmniGraffle Musical Taste) is an applescript that will generate an OmniGraffle file containing a graphical map of all of your artists, emphasizing the ones you play most.

For those who aren't familiar with OmniGraffle: it's a really popular and powerful app for diagramming and flow-charts. Using OGMT to create a functional, graphical map of your iTunes library sounds like a great way to gain a unique perspective on the music at the top of your list. Too bad I didn't bring any of my music home with me on the PowerBook over the break. Anyone care to give OGMT a try and post some thoughts?

[via Ranchero blog, image via DrunkenBlog]

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