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PSP Neo 5in1 Pad: CF/SD/MMC Adapter, AA Batteries, USB Ports

Lik-Sang has a gotten their hands on a variety of different PSP adaptors, including the Neo 5in1 pad. The Neo 5in1 promises a bevy of features including: Compact Flash, Secure Digital, Multimedia Card, regular sized Memory Sticks, support for up to 4 AA batteries, and USB support for recharging or to mount the unit on a PC as a card-reader. While this is certainly an impressive list of features, look at what its done to the once lovely form of the PSP! Does the absence of a long-lasting battery and an open standard media format on the PSP really drive market adoption of these monstrosities or is this a case of a product looking for a market?

[Thanks, pspnews]

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