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AVS Forums: have an immortal HD recording?

Kevin C. Tofel

Since I've still got over 100GB of storage space on the HDTV-capable Windows Media Center, I'd like to know what I should be recording and saving forever. A reader over at AVS Forums asked the following: "What show or movie have you recorded that looks so amazing you can't bring yourself to erase it?...So far the best that I have seen and can't seem to erase is Sharktale...what are YOUR unerasable reference recordings?"

That's a great question since not all of us have a terabyte of storage. If you have an HD-DVR or a WMCE PC with an HDTV tuner, what high-def programming have you recorded that's just too good to erase? I personally don't have anything that was that good, but I'm open to suggestions!

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